Private Label


Our Private label service offers a unique opportunity for businesses in the UAE to create their own distinctive line of scented products such as bespoke candles, bespoke reed diffusers, sprays and more.

We understand that scent plays a powerful role in creating memorable experiences and with our service you can craft exquisite products that embody your brand’s essence, delivering a sensorial journey to your customers.

At the heart of our Private Label Service is the ability to customize every aspect of the making process. Whether you are a boutique retailer in the UAE, a spa, a hospitality establishment, or an individual looking to share your passion for scents, we provide a seamless and comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

When you partner with us, you gain access to a team of experienced artisans and fragrance experts who are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We guide you through the entire process, from selecting the finest raw materials to designing the perfect packaging that reflects your brand identity.

We offer flexibility in production quantities, catering both to small and large scale orders.


PARURE ATELIER JEWELRY - custom candles, custom box, thank you card, custom bags, custom match boxes



AMIRI SHOP DUBAI MALL - custom Eid gift sets



KARL LAGERFELD - custom candle sets  



IRO - custom candles and packaging



MERAKI - private label candles and diffusers



DR CANDLE - white label candles  


DON JULIO - bespoke candles



BETTER ASK ANNA - custom candles for launch event


HEAL CAFE - custom candles & diffusers with packaging



GLENFIDDICH - client event giveaway set



SHIMADZU - corporate event giveaway diffusers



DR CANDLE - Ramadan custom gifts



MENAIR - corporate event giveaway candles



NAIL DISTRICT SPA - custom candles



NATHAN'S BABYSHOWER - baby shower favors 


FLOWARD - Custom candle sets, individual candles and custom packaging 


LUTRON IKON HOUSE - custom candles


RAHI JEWELLERY - client thank you gifts


LUNA NAILS - custom candles



PLAISIR CADEAUX ET FLEURS - custom candles for flower shop

velvet jar candle with flowers - private label - Plaisir velvet jar candle with flowers and hand - private label - Plaisir 

N&A'S CIVIL MARRIAGE - wedding favors



MIKAEL'S BAPTISM - event favors



ANITAS SWIMWEAR - custom candle 

Ceramic jar candle with hand red nail polish - bespoke candle - Anitas