Scent Guide


Each one of our expertly crafted candles are handmade by local artisans using only the finest fragrances formulated by perfumers from around the world. 

All of our fragrances and candles are free from harsh chemicals and phthalate-free. Our materials are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

Our meticulously crafted candles allow businesses to infuse their unique touch into every product. For wholesale custom candles, please email us at to check our entire scent library. 



An extravagant precious blend, this intriguing scent feels both erotic and meditative and is guaranteed to vitalize the body, mind and soul.

top: warm spices | heart: cashmeran, sandalwood | base: musk, amber



Complex, intriguing and sensual with sweet top notes of fruity plum and citrus merging with a heart of sultry amber and jasmine, resting on base notes of musk and amyris.

top: citrus, plum | heart: jasmine, amber | base: benzoin, amyris, dark musk


Desert Rose

Juicy, sparkling and sensual, Desert Rose is an uplifting sweet fragrance. Called the scent of love by our clients, this delicious fragrance with fruity accents has been known to cause a few addictions.

top: peach, raspberry, rose | heart: cashmere wood, musk, vanilla | base: patchouli, dry amber



Inspired by the captivating scent that envelopes the luxurious lobbies of the Address Hotels. A rose oud blend that will transport you to a world of refined opulence. 

top: lemon, orange, grapefruit
heart: rose, geranium, jasmine
base: cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli


Forest Mist

Herbal and earthy, this scent is a calming blend of herbs, lavender and aromatic woods, infused with natural essential oils, perfected for the wellness lover.

top: lavender | heart: camphor, chamomile, sage, rosemary | base: sandalwood, cedarwood


Island Vibes

An explosion of tropical fruits and rum blended into an irresistible scent that smells like a vacation.

top: orange, apple, pineapple | heart: jasmine, honeydew melon, coconut | base: rum, vanilla


Orange Blossom

An uplifting summery floral blend, sweet, delicate and fresh to brighten everyone's day.

top: petitgrain, bergamot | heart: jasmine, neroli, orange blossom | base: sandalwood



Orient is a spicy balsamic scent. Its nuance of floral, powdery, rich and opulent ingredients has been perfected for the passionate hearts.

top: cinnamon, pink pepper, freesia | heart: jasmine, heliotrope, ambergris  | base: tobacco, patchouli, benzoin


Oud Obsession

An ambery / woody / animalic blend that captures the rich, resinous aroma of amber, infused with the deep, woody notes of cedarwood and patchouli. Subtle hints of violet and dry wood emerge, adding layers of complexity to the fragrance. 

top: green | heart: rose, cedarwood, patchouli | base: violet, dry wood, animalic, musk


Rose Noir

A Middle East favorite, Rose Noir is a powerful and seductive oudy rose blend with a spicy heart that brings warmth to the fragrance while its animalic, soft dry wood base creates a lasting impression. 

top: black pepper, pine needles | heart: rose, carnation, clove | base: oud, cedarwood, musk


Seaside Blooms

Wrap your senses in an elegant blend of soft floral notes and marine highlights. Infused with essential oils, including sweet orange peel, lemon, eucalyptus and clove leaf.

top: orange, ozone | heart: green leaves, freesia, sea salt | base: amber, light musk, tonka bean


White Mist

Imagine walking into a luxury spa, instantly feeling relaxed. White Mist generates a pleasant, soothing atmosphere in any space.

top: bergamot, mandarin  | heart: thyme, jasmine, ginger | base: white tea, chrysanthemum